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Musical Hamilton – next stop is Los Angeles

When he was four years old, a friend his age drowned in an accident. “I remember my parents telling me,” Miranda says, dark eyes going darker. “I remember the ride to school that day because she used to ride with us. And she wasn’t there. And I also remember sort of a year of gray.” He became aware of his mortality freakishly early. “I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory,” he raps as Hamilton, in a line he acknowledges as deeply autobiographical. “When is it gonna get me?”.

“What I share with Hamilton,” Miranda acknowledges, “is that I want to get as many of the ideas out of my head as possible in the time I have”. Hamilton was known to pace and mutter to himself while composing his treatises, something also seen in Miranda, who generally walks the dog and sings or raps along with his own background music every time he gets an idea. Miranda describes in his documentary Hamilton’s America as he was finishing writing the musical how he needed to wrap up his project and meet the baby his wife was expecting – just like Hamilton in Yorktown. “We’re in exactly the same place,” he concludes. Biographer Thomas Fleming says of Hamilton:

Hamilton was in love with fame, there’s no doubt about that. But his understanding of fame is totally different from our understanding of fame. To be famous now is to be well known by every-body in the world, you’re a celebrity. But that wasn’t true in the eighteenth century. Fame was an achievement that a man created in the course of his life. He had to do something remarkable, he had to found a country or an empire. (Alexander Hamilton: American Experience)

Miranda’s accomplishments too are based on what he’s done, what he’s written. He’s had a slow start, appearing in many shows before this blockbuster. He raps in How I Met Your Mother: “Bedtime Stories” (2013) and played the troubled rapper Juan Alvie’ Alvarez on several episodes of House, as well as playing the recurring Dr. Ruben Marcado in Do No Harm. He also appeared in The Sopranos, Modern Family, Sex and the City, The Electric Company, and Sesame Street. More important to his musical theater career was his other show, first attempted in college:

By the time he started commuting to Hunter College High School on 94th Street, he was writing and performing his own shows, casting, producing and directing.

More info on Hamilton show in Los Angeles here: