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Bio art: Changing Elements mixing Art and Science

Bio art is a new form of artwork that capitalizes upon the incorporation of human tissue, elements, or the physiology and interactions of the human body with its art. There are many elements used in art alongside different principles of artistic usage which help to depict images accurately. For example, in order to indicate that an object is at a distance from the viewer in a piece of art it needs to have less clarity and fewer details compared to objects that are viewed up close. This is done by the use of:

  • Lines
  • Shape and form
  • Value
  • Texture
  • Space 
  • Color

Artistic Elements

Lines are recognizable paths that are created simply by moving from one point in space to another. Lines have the ability to vary in direction, width, and length but in most cases they are defined as straight, vertical, diagonal, curve, or horizontal forms that helped lead the eye of the viewer around the piece of artwork in such a way that the lines communicate relevant information from the piece of art through things like direction. In cases of bio art, lines that mimic those of the human form are quite popular.

Shape and form are other elements typically defined by patterns, geometric, and natural objects. These help the viewer to visualize important information, typically defined by the depth, width, and height of lines used by the artist.

Value plays a very important role in artwork insofar as it capitalizes upon light or dark, highlights, or shading, or things like oppositional Shades to help enhance what is comprehended in the artwork. Contrast is usually used by artists to achieve communication and use things like light and dark to highlight where they want the eye of the viewer drawn.

Texture can be the actual surface quality, something used for 3D artwork especially the more famous three-dimensional bio art shown around the world. But you can also see artist conveying texture using two-dimensional work, perhaps creating fabric folds to add texture in the artwork.

Using Space

Space can be used in three-dimensional artwork such a sculptures, and the whole purpose is to create a feeling of depth using different principles, using the relationship between negative and positive space for example, isolating a key element in a piece of art. Even things like the illusion of space created by lines and perspective can help add to the sense of three dimensions.

Colors of course can vary in terms of value and intensity all of which can help focus on dominant wavelengths in different colors, saturation, lightness or darkness of a particular color, and more. Colors play a very important role in bio art reflective upon natural elements in the human body.

There are a great deal of complexities with an artwork in different elements that are used. The use of things like horizontal lines can be effective in expressing rest, because they run parallel to the Earth in the implication associated with that is the notion of rest. By comparison vertical lines typically add height suggestive of something that is Heavenly, beyond the reach of humans. A combination of both vertical and horizontal lines can imply permanence. Diagonal lines typically help convey perspective or movement while curved lines to pick things like energy. All of these elements of artwork can be used with all manner of Bio art. 


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Common Health Issues and How to Avoid Them

If you are looking to lead an overall healthier life than much of the population, you don't need to be rich. You just need to understand the reasons why we get sick. There are all sorts of reasons really, and you can do a whole lot to help lead healthier lives – or help your loved ones avoid common ailments when all is said and done. It's really that simple.

#1. Avoid Teeth Problems

Teeth problems can be really expensive. Buying 'a bridge,' the prosthesis that connects several teeth together to avoid further problems, could cost you $1,000 easily. Bridges are only needed if you had left too many teeth to die and as a result – the nerves are no longer there (most likely the result of a rather expensive extraction) and the tooth has become brittle.

That sounds horrible, doesn't it? Well, you needn't really be afraid because you can do a lot to stop these problems. First, you must brush your teeth twice a day – mornings and evenings. The more important one is arguably when you brush your teeth in the evenings. This way you are sure to remove the plaque from your mouth and you are good on your way to bed.

To ensure great tooth health you will most likely have to visit your dentist for plaque removal. That will cost you about $120, which is honestly not that expensive. It might need to be done twice a year, although even once a few years is good.

Common Health Issues and How to Avoid Them

The rest of the time, you need to know how to brush your teeth correctly and do regular check-ups with your dentist. Don't let for pain. If you see a bit of a tooth changing its color, there could be something at play there.

Go have your dentist check it. Otherwise, you will be like one of those people who are looking for a decent locksmith and type “emergency locksmith near me”. Sure enough, they will always find some great services, but just like with teeth – a lot of locksmith issues can be prevented if you are just a little more careful. Chin up, though, because it's quite easy to achieve all of that and much, much more!

#2 'Overweight' Doesn't Mean Sick

There is a very common misunderstanding about body weight. It most certainly can make you sick and there is absolutely no denying this. However, pinning all problems on weight is absolutely brazen and it doesn't cover half of what really happens.

You are not sick because of your weight – if you are overweight in reasonable limits – you are sick because of things like bad cholesterol, too much fat around your heart and so on and so forth. This doesn't bother you in your 20s or 30s, or even your 50s, but then your body will suddenly change.

And just like this, all the small bad habits that you have had will come back to haunt you. Does this mean to stop eating fast food – probably? Should you stop smoking and drinking as well? Definitely, but since this is not an option for many of you, you might want to at least be more moderate about it.

Don't do binges and don't over-indulge. This is a surefire way to develop habits that could be a little too difficult to fight later on – understandably so. To make sure you are in good health, you will have to put a bit of effort.

#3 Exercise Often Enough

Did you know that around one or two hours and a half hours of exercise would be all you need to be much healthier? Yeah, you have all these people going to the gyms religiously, three or four times a week, getting up to do yoga, but is this really necessary? As it turns out – not entirely. And with this in mind, what you need to do is to acknowledge something very simple – exercise is necessary, but it's not the will-for-life-crushing activity that you might have been led to believe it is.

No, sports are fun and you often don't need to do any sport, even. What you need to do is really very simple. You just have to make sure that you move around a little. It's really very easy – go to the shop on foot, throw the trash. Move, move and move. All your health problems are so easy to overcome that it's almost strange they exist in the first place!



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