There are so many cost-effective and healthy massage shops.

Hello, everyone! It’s the weekend now! Christmas is just around the corner. Are you all making plans? I don’t think this time it’s because of the corona. I feel like people are getting droopy. Personally, I feel sorry that I can’t meet people and exercise even though it’s the end of the year. So this time, I wanted to take care of myself, so I went to Uijeongbu Single Shop Massage Shop on the recommendation of an acquaintance!

I went to the Sadang Dong Massage Kingtai with my friend after a long time.

It is located three minutes away from Isu Station, which has lines 7 and 4.

It just didn’t look very good from the outside, but when you go inside,

Don’t worry because you can see a wide and pleasant massage shop that has been remodeled clean.

The facilities were good when I visited and 스웨디시 used them.

When I first called to make a reservation, I saw the massage guide site.

The employee told me that I could get it cheaply for cash payment at a special discount event price.

I thought it was very kind.

These days, there are many cost-effective and healthy massage shops.

But even though I can’t go often and the cost-effectiveness is good, I pay for it, so I try to find a place that I can do better.

Sadang-dong Massage is where I found out!

Not only office workers but also workers to relieve stress and muscle mass caused by fatigue accumulation.

As many housewives and university students visited this place, we went there.

The one-person shop massage shop is located within 3 minutes of walking from Uijeongbu Station. Public transportation looks more comfortable than cars because it’s near the station! If you bring your car, you can also help with parking, so you’d better keep that in mind! I went there by public transportation, and I was able to find it because it was a prominent building.It’s located on the 6th floor, so I took the elevator to go up.

In front of the entrance to the shop was a notice about Corona’s quarantine. They often disinfect the furniture, inside the store, and they have air purifiers and hand sanitizers everywhere. One of the reasons I pursued a one-person shop was because I wanted to meet people at the least, so I insisted on a one-person shop massage shop, but seeing that I tried my best to prevent it, I was able to take care of myself with confidence!

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